AHA Rental Programs

Regular Rentals, Rent to Own, Lease Options, AHA sweat equity program, AHA - Americans Helping Americans

AHA Rental Programs

American Mentee Program

AHA Rental Programs

States We Service: St. Louis-OH-CA-FL-NV-MO-AK-

888-828-1468  24 hours a day. 

Rentals=Standard Rental

Tenants…Are you looking for a rental?

  • Short/long term leases and lease option opportunities!
  • By appointment only with pre-qualified tenants!
  • Get pre-qualified for free today!!

RTO=Rent to own program, smaller down higher rent.

LO=Lease Option, bigger down.

AHA – Fixer Upper Lease Option Program, low down and sweat equity.

Get pre-qualified for free today!!

Become a VIP tenant in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out Tenant Application Form (One per every occupant over 18) (See Below)

Step 2: Fill out authorization to run credit

Step 3: Pay for the credit report

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