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AHA Rent To Own:

AHA – Americans Helping Americans

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888-828-1468  24 hours a day. 

Be sure to click theGet Started Now link, and fill out the form.

RTO=Rent to own program, smaller down higher rent. Read below to see how the program works!!

Welcome to AHA – Americans Helping Americans where we help

people acquire a home when the banks say no!

Get pre-qualified for free today!!

Be sure to click the ’Get Started Now’ link, and fill out the form.

Become a AHA VIP RTO Rent to Own Tenant in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out Tenant Application Form (One per every occupant over 18) (See Below)

Step 2: Fill out authorization to run credit. Your credit does not matter. The ability to pay is what we will qualify you one. 

Step 3: Pay for the credit report

With Foreclosures as high as they are, with job losses and the resulting damage to personal credit off the charts there are more people than ever who have damaged credit but who still need and want a home of their own.

No matter what your reason, if you are unable to qualify for a loan we can help you get into a home, at today’s price, without hassle and without needing bank financing.

How We Can Help:

We are real estate investors that specialize in creating win-win situations for Sellers and Buyers.

When we sell on ’terms’ and don’t require the buyer to get bank financing, we create opportunity for people who are unable… a rare opportunity. If you want a home of your own, at today’s low pricing, you’re in the right place.
Be sure to click theGet Started Nowlink, and fill out the form.

That will give us the info we need to get started. You may consider some of the info we request to be somewhat private. Please rest assured that every communication is kept strictly confidential, and we only ask for info that is necessary for us to determine the best way for us to help you.

How It Works

At AHA – Americans Helping Americans we help people with damaged credit into a home of their own at today’s bargain pricing, without requiring you to qualify for bank financing.

No matter what’s happened in your life, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, unpaid credit cards, auto repo, medical bills… you name it, we can work with it.

We are Real Estate Investors who buy and sell houses for a profit. In some (not all) cases we are able to buy in a way that allows us to re-sell on ’terms’ to a buyer like you. We look at it like the ultimate win-win-win. The seller gets what they need, you the buyer are able to lock in at current pricing without needing bank financing, and we make a profit.

All that is required of you is a reasonable down payment, the willingness and ability to care for and maintain a home of your own. Plus, unlike banks, we don’t care where your down payment comes from.

Then, when you move in, you’ll have the time to let your credit ’heal’ so, down the road, you’ll be able to go to a bank and ’cash us out’. In time, even the worst credit will heal, especially if you’re in a comfortable position financially and able to pay your bills on time. We will be sure that when you move in, you’re in that comfortable position with a payment you can afford.

We understand that many of our clients have come through a tough stretch, and need time to recover, rebuild, and heal. If that’s you, then our ’no bank needed’ program may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s face it, housing prices will not be where they are today forever. So NOW is the time to get back in the game and start the building process.

We offer 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and longer programs, depending on your situation. We have houses of all shapes and sizes in lots of neighborhoods so, you decide where you want to live.

We’ll be sure you don’t take on more than you can handle too. It’s bad for us both if you get in over your head. So, fill out the form on this page so that we can get started now.

Do it now while America is rebuilding!

Text “RTO-Rent to own” to 4244335298

Call your National Toll Free Recorded RTO Program Now! 1-888-828-1468

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