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Breaking Down Housing for 2017

Breaking Down Housing for 2017

Breaking Down Housing for 2017

Bill Green

CEO, LendingOne

As we look toward 2017, the real estate market is shifting for fix and flip and rental investors. In 2016, fix and flippers saw great opportunity in purchasing distressed properties, rehabbing, and selling them for a profit. The number of fix and flips in 2016 to date have increased from where they were this time last year.

However, the market is changing, and the inventory of distressed properties available has started decreasing, causing the value of these homes to steadily rise. Newer investors may have a tougher time creating value in this shrinking market, but the more experienced investors will have better chances of profiting off these more expensive investments. They have a greater network of contacts to help locate profitable deals in a short-supply market, and typically they will have built up more wealth to use towards purchasing these properties with higher price tags.

For buy and hold investors, the rental market began to blossom into areas of great profitability during this past year. Rents have increased due to the demand for single-family rentals rising, and the national vacancy rate is only 7 percent. The tremendous boom the rental market has showcased is anticipated to continue into 2017.

One reason for this could be the change in interest rates, which are expected to rise in the upcoming year. This will prompt buyers to rent instead, thereby decreasing the number of purchases and refinances. The millennials who are dealing with college debt can’t afford to buy, so they need to rent. Additionally, the effects from the last housing crash are still felt by people not able to qualify for mortgages as easily as before, so they turn to renting. The more experienced rental investors will recognize these changes and understand how to capitalize on this growing market of opportunities.

For private lenders, we anticipate more borrowers will seek financing to adapt to these changing market conditions so they can remain profitable. We anticipate the shift to be from the smaller “mom and pop” type investors to more experienced ones. Even if the rates were to rise, experienced borrowers who still utilize debt will only see marginal impacts to their home sales and levels of profitability in 2017.

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Breaking Down Housing for 2017

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Breaking Down Housing for 2017













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