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National Real Solutions

National Real Solutions

How does it work? How can we buy your property so fast? How can we buy your upside down property?

Cash or Terms?

The answers are below…..



The process is very simple.

All you have to do is submit the home information form on the ‘National Real Solutions‘ page, button above or call us toll free at 1-888-828-1468. Once you have submitted this information, it will be sent to your National buyer(s) and/or National Real Solutions Advisor  in your area.

They will contact you to discuss your house (or other property) and your situation. If the situation is a win-win for both you and National Real Solutions, we will make an offer on your house.
You will then determine if you wish to accept or reject the offer. In the same way, if the situation calls for the services of our National Real Solutions Rep, you and your Advisor can discuss their offer and accept or reject it according to your needs.

Just as every owner’s situation is unique, so is the process in which our National house buyers and agents determine what an appropriate offer for a house might be.

Things they take into consideration include the condition of the house, cost of repairs that need to be made to the house, the current local market conditions, as well as the urgency of the situation.

There is no fee to the seller for our service. We are interested in listing the property, we want to buy it Cash or Terms.

Our suggestion would be that you go ahead and fill out the form on our National Real Solutions page and we will contact you in your area.

After that time, you may wish to contact your real estate agent to see what happens if you find your own buyer. Sometimes their commissions can be waived or fees can be significantly lowered.
Our National Real Solutions Advisor  often cannot contact you directly if your home is already listed with another Real Estate Agent. Once you fill out the form, you can contact them at any time, but usually you would have to cancel any existing agent contracts before they can work with you.

If you are behind on payments, there are several options we can discuss including the possibility of working out a Short Sale with your lender to get you out from under the property.
We have a team of expert negotiators to deal with the bank on your behalf. We have other solutions that we can discuss with you. We will find a solution or shake hands and part as friends. No Obligation. Ever.

Whether you are simply behind in payments or already in foreclosure, we can help you by either trying to find a solution to stop the foreclosure, or buying the house from you.

We can work around any problem or distressed situation you are facing.

Having good credit is a must for every homeowner. A foreclosure on your record can hurt for a long time.

By allowing us to help you, we can work to stop the foreclosure process and prevent the damage to your credit by having a foreclosure on it.

In addition, we have credit repair solutions to educate you with, in case some of the missed payments have hurt your credit a little.

The biggest mistake would be to allow a foreclosure to go on your credit report! Contact us to make sure that does not happen.

Don’t worry if your house is rented. We can buy your house and take care of the renters later.

If you have family living there we can always make special arrangements for them.

No, we will purchase the house in it’s As-Is condition.

You do not have to do anything.


You can have the convenience of completing your end of the closing locally and save the expense of traveling to the property location.


Please make sure you have all of the lien information to disclose to us so we can figure out the best solution to helping you.

Yes. Just complete the simple form on the ‘National Real Solutions NOW‘ page! Click the link…

If your situation is such that you prefer to speak to someone, please call us toll free at

1-888-828-1468 Text “Buy my house cash or terms” to 8058138747

We do not concentrate solely on houses.

We buy townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, beach property, office buildings, farms, land, multi-family, apartment buildings or any structure that has land deeded to it such as a manufactured home or a mobile home.

Just complete the simple form on the ‘National Real Solutions NOW‘ page! Click the link…

If your situation is such that you prefer to speak to someone, please call us toll free at

1-888-828-1468 Text “Buy my house cash or terms” to 8058138747

The History

We have been helping Americans for over a decade now.

What a few past Americans had to say about us.

Collecting his check!

Collecting his check!

Dear NRS,

Thank you NRS for buying our house fast. You kept all your promises and we truly appreciate that. You gave us a written guarantee within 24hrs and took care of our mortgage payments, paper work, etc., we were surprised of how fast you were able to buy our house. Thanks to you and your company my son received the money he needed within days to move into his new home, so he could move on with his life and will receive money to pay-off some bills. We were not inconvenienced with any 30 day escrow hassles, real estate agents who want big 6% commissions, or crazy out of pockets expenses. Our expenses were zero and we were able to avoid $30,000 in repairs to our house, because you bought our home as is, no worries.

I plan to tell everyone, of how you helped us and how they could use your services.


Eldwin Allen Home Seller

A few more Americans…

Moved on with their lives!

Moved on with their lives!

Dear NRS,

Appoline & I would like to graciously thank you for your kind & helpful services through our real estate transaction. We are very pleased with everything that you and your company did to accommodate our needs. You made us and our needs a priority. When we first decided to sell, we were reluctant, there were many things we needed to do and none of them were hassle or worry free.

First of all and most important we needed to get out of debt, catch up on our mortgage payments to prevent negative reporting on our credit, make needed repairs to our home just to get in the position to sell according to many real estate agents we had talked to. Focusing on our needs, you took care of all of that. You sold our home quickly and worry free, as is, with no home repairs, as we were told by many real estate agents it would take several thousands of dollar’s just to get in the position to sell.

Again, you helped us with our mortgage payments on our home, when we were behind and we did not receive any negative reporting from the credit agencies. You told us that there was going to be no out of pocket expenses and there wasn’t. The whole transaction was smooth and the closing was simple, no long closings that lasted 30 days or more, we were not inconvenienced at all, we were in full control of our whole transaction.

On top of everything we didn’t even have to pay a commission! With the extra money we planned our long awaited dream vacation trip to France, which we had always wanted to go.

Even after our planned trip we have money left which we plan to invest with you and earn a 15% return!

Thanks again, for helping us move on in with our lives, hassle, and worry free. We know because of everything you did for us, we plan to purchase our next home with you and recommend you to everyone we know and anyone who can us your services. This will be an experience we will never forget.


Carol Ann Hartman Home owner


National Toll Free Information Hot Line!!  24/7


National Real Solutions

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