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American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!! Youngstown, OH 44502 - Youngstown OH

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Sold $23,000 Cash - CashFlow, Duplex, Light Fixer upper, Single Family Home, Wholesale
1669 Sq Ft3 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms0 Garage Print this page

Need to sell!! 3+2 over 1669sf Cash Only!! Cashflow DULPLEX-2 units-one is rented, 2nd needs light repairs. Drive way that could park 4 or more cars as well as street parking. Unit 1 (1st Flr 2/1) – Occupied. The house is in good condition.  No major repairs are needed. 7841 Lot/Full basement. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

ARV $34k your AHA price-$23,000  



American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

*Capitalization rate: 19.24%

American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!! Call 888-828-1468 ext 8200 or Text “PalmerFixer”" to 8058138747  

  • *Do your own due diligence.

Call for details: 888-828-1468 ext 7001 or 8001 or Text “PalmerFixer”"  to 8058138747 for full details. 

  • REQUEST: Repair list-ROI breakdown – BY Texting ”PalmerFixer”"  to 8058138747 for full details. 

*Property being sold in as-is condition. Do your due diligence.

**FixNFlip or BuyNHold-American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

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Contact Us at 888-828-1468 ext 7001 or 8001 or Text “PalmerFixer” to 8058138747 
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American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

More Detail:

Located in a neighborhood that has not seen as much of the blight and neglect as area a few blocks away.

The house is in good condition.  No major repairs are needed.

Drive way that could park 4 or more cars as well as street parking.

Unit 1 (1st Flr 2/1) – Occupied. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

Permission to video Unit 1 was not available but my inspection revealed a well maintained apartment with a neat and clean older tenant and her working adult son.  No repairs necessary.

Unit 1 is approved for Section 8 @ $505 monthly, license #2199.  However, the current landlord collects $40 less from the tenant than Section 8 has approved.  He picks up the rent in cash. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

Current Rent Collections Unit 1

Approved Rent Collections Unit 1

Tenant pays $166.00

Tenant pays $206.00

Section 8 pays $299.00

Section 8 pays $299.00

Total $465.00

Total $505.00

American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

The tenant is a nice responsible older woman in her mid-70’s who has an energetic pit bull for protection.

Inspections for annual certification are in November.  So last year, knowing that the Section 8 inspector would likely comment on the paint on the porch, she re-painted it herself (same color). American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

She has never been late on any payments that she is responsible for paying.  She has been present for over 8 years, if I remember correctly.

Unit 2 (2nd Flr 1/1) is mostly ready to rent. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

Bathroom had a toilet and vanity that were being installed while video inspection was made.

A couple days of work, could be ready to rent.

Building Utilities and Maintenances. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

Because the upstairs unit has been vacant for a couple years, the downstairs tenant currently pays all utilities but they are collected or paid by prior arrangements.

There are separate electric meters for each unit. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

There are shared water and sewage charges.  Currently in the landlord’s name but the bill is sent to the tenant in Unit 1.

There are two gas meters but the arrangement with the gas usage needs some explanation.

One gas meter is for the upstairs, Unit 2 stove only.

One meter is for the downstairs unit and the gas furnace that heats both units.

It should not be too hard to separate since there is an established history of usage by Unit 1.

The gas costs have been well under the $50mo gas budget.   There have been no charges from the gas company for the last three consecutive months due to the overages collected.

Lastly is the lawn maintenance. American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

According to Section 8 rules, if there is only one tenant in a building, that tenant is required to maintain the grounds.  So, when the upstairs unit is rented, the landlord will be responsible.

American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

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American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

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American DUPLEX Handyman Fixer Upper!!

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