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What is iCOMdotcom and why you need inbound marketing for your business!!

What is iCOMdotcom and why you need inbound marketing for your business!!

What is “iCOMdotcom” and why you need inbound marketing for your business!!

iCOMdotcomSecretsLocal is based out of Ventura & Los Angeles, California. Hi, my name is Erick Jimenez and I am one of the Managing Director’s of  iCOMdotcom. We focus on Lead Gen Websites, Facebook Websites, Mobile Websites, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Markerting, Lead Generation for Small to Medium businesses in the Ventura, Los Angeles area & the World. We are a digital marketing agency. We also focus on building businesses for our clients by creating marketing platforms that consist of marketing campaigns to drive traffic and convert more customers. We are always open for business! If you would like to speak to us about anything please feel free to give us a call. We Would love to hear from you.

Call: 805-813-8747 or Text 8053666044

We have teamed up with with some of the best of the best in the insustry along with iCOMdotcom to bring my expertise, and their resources to people here in Ventura and Los Angeles too.

What can 100 Customers in 100 Days do for you?

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Ventura & Los Angeles Local Marketing, Social Media, Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing and More………….


We don’t just focus on basic internet marketing like most consultants, but we focus on helping you quickly grow your business by offering you:

    • Internet Marketing Services
    • Lead Gen Websites-Mobile Websites-Facebook Websites
    • Website Design-Marketing Campaigns
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing-List Building-Lead Capture
    • Mobile Marketing/Text Message Marketing
    • Lead Generation Services
    • And MUCH, MUCH More…


Local and World Wide Marketing Platforms to explode your business!!

iCOMdotcom Local and World Wide Platforms

In the world we live in whether you are selling a product, services or pursuing a career in the entertainment business, online presence is more important today than any other time.

If you want to take your career/business seriously and make money, get more exposure on the internet for your business, you have to have more than YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc. Imagine building a platform with hundreds of your own personal social network profiles and websites in the most strategic places on the internet that not only builds up your online presence but also makes you great income and is useful to your career/business.

The most important reasons for building your own platform is that it helps build your Businesses online customer base throughout the world and targeted regions and puts you in control of your E-revenue.  Control of your customer base and your money are enough reason to build your own platform.

The platform makes it easy for the business to directly reach and build their B2C (business to consumer) sales thru many revenue streams such as pay-per-clicks.  All businesses should be getting paid for each click or view on video content they own.   There are other ways of making money on the internet but that is one example that businesses are losing money.

Without a platform, paying for millions of views will be throwing money out the door if you do not see any of that money coming back in your pocket.  Every View you can get paid.  Try to change your outlook on how to make money other than selling your physical product, look at every click as a dollar and you will be on your way to making more money.

Online purchasing is estimated to reach over 260 billion dollars by 2016

Online purchasing is estimated to reach over 260 billion dollars by 2016 according to expert research.    High on the list  is  retail and entertainment, products and or services, therefore, anyone selling, marketing, sponsoring are using the internet as the most powerful resource for building their brand names is making more than a name for themselves.   Independent med sized businesses, brokers, artist have the same chance of reaching millions of customers/fans throughout the world and now can generate substantial income and receive the benefits of major revenue streams.    The internet has leveled the playing field for med sized businesses to complete with major franchises, big box stores or large Corp base Companies.  It is now possible for an independent med sized businesses without having to have a major Corp budget, can make millions of dollars on the internet because platforms can link you to revenue streams available to all med sized businesses today.   The med sized businesses with a platform not only sell their main product but any other product he or she puts their name to, therefore building their brand. The sky is the limit.

Just a few years ago, physical sales were promoted and marketed by the large Corporations and sometimes millions can be spent without significant sales return and in less cases money returned with huge perks from merchandising sales.   Having a platform, the independent med sized businesses can take less risk by test marketing their products such as their main product before even spending a large budget on future products. 

Releasing how to/product review videos on the platform’s social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram  etc will give the med sized businesses preliminary feedback from their customers/fans, therefore  hit and miss is less likely with a worldwide platform. (A local platform is a great way to dominate your local market!!! Ask us how!!)

The most popular online shopping website is Amazon.com. The website started off in 1995 as an online bookstore but soon started selling CDs, DVDs, and video games. Over the years, Amazon continued to broaden its range and is now selling electronics, toys and other products. Additionally, Amazon has built a digital content business, which it supports with its own range of digital media consumption devices. In 2011, Amazon.com generated more than 48 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, which means its revenue has more than tripled since 2007. Usage statistics from online shopping websites in the United States reaffirm Amazon’s leading position. In the second quarter of 2012, Amazon’s websites averaged 100.4 million unique visitors per month, compared to 23.2 million visitors to Target’s website and 18.3 million visitors to Best Buy’s online presence.

Amazon’s platform is growing by the day.  Build your brand starting with a platform and get paid for your content, products and services.

Click the button for your Free Business Platform Consult.



Your customized platform includes,

*Website building with built in links to revenue streams (depending on budget DOB).

*own your own key words online (DOB)


*profile building for hundreds and sometimes thousand of social networking sites and blog sites and any other site pertaining to your product throughout the world targeting your profiled fans/audience and or consumers and generate more traffic and customer/fan reach, therefore making money on your viral campaigns rather than just spending money for impressions that only impress and flatter the med sized businesses without making money if not attached to a platform.

*setting up revenue accounts to receive pay per clicks on several platforms around the world or your local domination areas such as YouTube, Google, Blog Rolls, your own website(s), Advertisers and or sponsored clicks from many other companies/  (number of revenue accounts DOB)

*providing software programs and or company templates to make it easier to maintain the many sites supporting your content and or revenue.

*providing detailed instructions for marketing planning for online campaigns for products and merchandising sales specially designed for online selling. (DOB)

*providing detailed instructions on how to generate product that generates income other than video revenue using your platform (DOB)

*providing detailed information and instructions on how to use the platform to gain attention from media executives and top journalists throughout the world and your local areas. (DOB)

*Reports, feedback from executives on your product.  (DOB)

*Music, Film and Book Distribution, digital and physical if needed. (DOB)

*Email blast to customers/fans (DOB)

*Viral Campaigns (DOB)

Please feel free to speak with us to see how we can help you and which services you may need so we may customize your money making platform today. 

Call us today, we would love to hear from you. 1-805-813-8747

Budgets for small to med sized businesses local: Call us…

Budgets for med sized businesses Nationwide: Call us…

Budgets for med sized businesses worldwide start at: Call us…


Budgets for independent artists:  Call us…

Independent Labels – Call us…

Major label budget start at- Call us…

Click the button for your Free Business Platform Consult.


Our first platform we built in early 2007, we chose an independent artist randomly from the internet and made him our test baby, even we were surprised at the results, the artist name is “SoulJa Boy”, he is one of the most successful artist that has earned more money from online revenue streams more than any other Hip Hop artist out there.

We have also built platform for Def Jam Artist Mann, (50 cent jumped on his single “Buzzin” when it came out on Lyric video and when the video was shot, 50 cent made an appearance in the video.  50 cent caught the song online on Mann’s platform.  50 cent and Snoop Dogg was a targeted reach.  Mann’s second hit single was with Snoop Dogg.

Took a Rodeo Dr. business and drove huge amounts of traffic that the owner asked to make it stop. Too many orders and not enough help to fulfill them. Since the husband did not believe that it would work, he got called in to fulfill the orders himself while his wife went home.

Our latest platform was built for the artist “Tah Mac”, www.TahMac.com he has now been opening up for Justin Bieber at The Staples Center, Barclay Center and Madison Square Gardens.  Tah is not even signed to a label but because of his online presence he was able to make the cut.  Platform building is absolutely necessary to get ahead of the other med sized businesses/artists and in front of the right eyes. Eyes that count.  What are you waiting for?

Thank you.

Erick Jimenez, CEO, iCOMdotcom,

2470 Stearns St, Suite 258

Simi Valley, Ca. 93063

key words:, erick jimenez, icomdotcom, IM-REI

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